4 8 15 16 23 42, Figure It Out Yet?

So have you sorted out the meaning of these numbers yet? It is by all accounts a seriously troublesome succession to comprehend. I bet you have been really focusing attempting to figure everything out? Might you want to discuss this again?

Very much we should check out these numbers, did you see that only one numeral is rehashed and that the main numerals not addressed are 0, 7 and 9? Did you realize 7, 9 have importance? Did you Sig figures rules had any idea that those are important for a name of a New York PR firm? Did you had any idea that the whole arrangements was a UK lottery winning number with the last number rendered.

Had you thought about that the total grouping could be more than one bunch of various cycles running inside a similar arrangement; like a sine or cosine or multi-wave bargain? Would you be able to comprehend this theoretical kind of representation of that likely idea, as a wave catches the 4, 15, 23 and another captures the 8, 15 and 42 or something of that nature?

One thing I had considered was to take those numbers and attachment them into a Mathematica (Stephen Wolfram Stuff) straightforward program. Then, at that point, I took three-layered pyramid and thought of one more arrangement of numbers in the succession, at this point each third number would be a X or Y, since you can’t have a clue about the response. Where did this grouping come from in any case? Well they say that the first number I believe was on a “stone in the water” on an unscripted television Show you see?

Some say it just has to do with the show, itself, and the candidates and episodes. However, a studier of examples and such, it was something special to mess around with for a little while one night while surfing, what was you excuse? Consider this in 2006.

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