Is Permanent Hair Removal for Man (Men) Really Possible?

In the arms of a professional practitioner laser hair elimination is a rather simple and durable method. If we interpret the words of William Occam: “Why repeat a hard venture, whilst there may be a extra easy answer?” Since the 14th century, this popular theorem has been known as Occam’s Razor. So why spend a lifetime shaving, whilst you could maintain it easy. When it involves unwanted hair elimination, Occam’s Razor is laser hair elimination.

You should maintain shaving or waxing, but why might you? Perhaps the approach have to be the cease. — Such is the theorem cautioned by using Occam.


Before laser hair elimination, putting off unwanted hair intended either having to undergo pain and irritation and/or spending a life-time using temporary, less than satisfactory measures. For years, the recommended alternative was electrolysis, a onerous system wherein an electric powered surprise needle actually burns hair follicles one after the other. Waxing and shaving, whilst faster than electrolysis do not offer everlasting hair elimination and require a life-time of self-provider. Advances in laser era have spawned a brand new option to an age-old hassle — elimination of undesirable hair.


Risks related to laser hair removal treatment are low when in comparison to maximum clinical approaches. No incisions, injections or oral medicinal drugs are necessary. The variability of laser hair elimination outcomes has everything to do with the system high-quality, the method used, and the competency of the laser operator. The most commonplace interference with a success laser hair elimination is “tanned skin.” Guests at Ideal Image are reminded and warned time and again to not tan while receiving laser hair removal. If a suntan had been to move left out a affected person ought to expand “pores and skin circles” after remedy. Although transient, they require three to six months to vanish. Unlike competitors in the subject of laser hair removal, Ideal Image has by no means been sued for medical malpractice.


After resolving their safety worries, the general public marvel approximately the fee of laser hair removal. In the long run, laser hair elimination is appreciably more fee-effective than electrolysis and different strategies like waxing or shaving.

Considering time, fee and inconvenience of waxing, shaving, buying razors, creams, depilatories, and so forth., laser hair elimination may be greater realistic.

To make a honest contrast, one need to evaluate the time and value financial savings of laser hair elimination with strategies which might be less green and offer much less everlasting hair elimination.

SHAVING: The average person spends 1 hour in line with week shaving. When all totaled, this is the equivalent of one.Five running weeks in line with 12 months, best to elicit less than best effects, feasible razor burn, razor-bumps and the ever-gift five o’clock shadow from dark hairs showing underneath the pores and skin.
COST OF WAXING VS. LASER HAIR REMOVAL: One bikini wax has a mean price of $forty three and often most effective lasts one month. If you compare Hair removal treatment this to the Ideal Image month-to-month fee plan for bikini line or Brazilian technique, the cost-effectiveness of laser hair removal is plain. Although price can also range per place, the countrywide common for financing bikini line laser hair removal is $35 according to month. The “Full Brazilian” is $44 per month.
L.A.S.E.R., or Light Amplification by way of Stimulated Emission of Radiation, refers to the radiation of light beams, and isn’t to be harassed with dangerous ionizing or nuclear radiation. Lasers produce one wavelength of centered mild. This differs from sunlight, which has many wavelengths (and is evident inside the colors of a rainbow). Laser mild is amplified, making it more effective than light produced through regular mild sources. For laser hair elimination this focused and amplified light is pulsed on and rancid for an on the spot. This is not to be burdened with IPL, Intense Pulsed Light that isn’t laser and may without difficulty burn the skin.

Lasers had been first introduced to deal with clinical disorder within the early 1970’s. The first laser used for hair elimination changed into the Ruby (694nm), added in 1995. The theory at the back of laser hair elimination became developed at Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine at Harvard. The Ruby Laser ought to handiest be used on honest-skinned individuals. Thus, lasers have been developed offering 3 more wavelengths – 755nm, 810nm, and 1064nm, making it viable to customize laser hair removal for numerous skin tone and hair kinds.

Lasers work via heating up a target. For laser hair elimination, the target is hair simply beneath the skin. At facilities that specialize in simply laser hair removal – like Ideal Image, it’s far essential to have both the 755nm Alexandrite and the 1064nm YAG lasers by means of Candela Corporation. The aggregate of FDA-authorised lasers allow treatment for all pores and skin sorts, from light or honest pores and skin, to darkish black pores and skin kinds. The maximum versatile laser and number one laser used at Ideal Image is the Candela 755nm. It produces a three-millisecond pulse targeting the shade within the hair shaft, thus negative the shape assisting the hair root. Lacking a supportive shape, the hair falls out. In all likelihood, it’s going to now not re-grow. Candela clinical lasers are so selective; they can cast off black ink from a white web page with out burning the white paper. In precis, they selectively smash hair, leaving the pores and skin undamaged. Candela lasers usually show to offer the most secure service, even as generating the maximum favorable results.