Saffron Walden, Essex – The Town That Was Never Sacked

Saffron Walden is placed in Essex between Cambridge and London. The area has been inhabited because before the Roman occupation of Britain. Evidence exists that Bronze and Iron Age tribes inhabited the region. Subsequent to the Norman invasion, a stone church became built along with a fortress.

During the center ages, the city became referred to as Chipping Walden and the primary alternate turned into in wool and woolen goods. During the sixteenth and 17th centuries the saffron crocus became widely grown and harvested in the location. The extract from those plant life was used as medicines, condiments and a specially yellow dye. The agricultural growth and use of the saffron crocus allow to the Kesar  metropolis’s name being modified to Saffron Walden.

Saffron Walden is a historic beautiful city. Due to the reality that it remains untouched via fireplace or struggle, some of the buildings, streets and municipal furnishings are centuries antique. These surviving homes provide an unequalled person to the metropolis and the valley that surrounds it.

Saffron Walden is domestic to the biggest turf maze in Britain. This turf maze is about one hundred’ in diameter and consists of circles cut into the turf and then the turf eliminated. This turf maze dates again to 1699 and has had numerous renovations within the resulting centuries. In the 1840’s Francis Gibson laid out and planted a hedge maze in Bridge End Gardens. This maze is still in life and gives moments of bewilderment to the unwary.

During the summer numerous live shows starting from classics to rock to jazz are held in Saffron Walden. These concert events are done along with BBC Proms.

Saffron Walden via its properly fortune has maintained the man or woman of a medieval city whilst offering its inhabitants all of the services of a current way of life. The geared up get admission to to both London and Cambridge gives adequate opportunity for the town to be visited and residents to take in the massive town lifestyles that London gives.